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Peter Königs
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Room: 406

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Peter Königs is a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at RWTH Aachen University. One of his research focuses is in political philosophy. He has worked on such topics as toleration, punishment, patriotism, and, currently, on ethical aspects of government surveillance. Another research focus is in moral philosophy, especially in ethics of technology, moral psychology and metaethics. He is part of the Cluster of Excellence 'Internet of Production'.
He holds a 'Magister' in Philosophy and Politics from Tübingen University and an MPhil in Philosophy from Cambridge University (Queens' College), and he completed his PhD again at Tübingen University. He also spent two terms at Sciences Po Paris and later again some more time in Cambridge as a visiting PhD researcher. Prior to joining RWTH Aachen, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


Cluster of Excellence "Internet of Production" Project

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Special Issue: The Ethics of State Mass Surveillance
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Königs, Peter
A Research Framework for Human Aspects in the Internet of Production : An Intra-company Perspective
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Brauner, Philipp
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Königs, Peter
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Königs, Peter
Experimental ethics, intuitions, and morally irrelevant factors
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Königs, Peter
Evolutionary Skepticism about Morality and Prudential Normativity
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On the normative insignificance of neuroscience and dual-process theory
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Königs, Peter
Was Toleranz ist, was sie nicht ist und wie man sie nicht rechtfertigen kann : Eine Replik auf Lohmar
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Patriotism : A Case Study in the Philosophy of Emotions
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Königs, Peter