Frieder Bögner

Applied Ethics


Building: 6070

Room: 406

Theaterplatz 14

52062 Aachen


Frieder Bögner is a postdoctoral researcher in the NeuroSys project. He studied Philosophy and English Studies (BA) and Philosophy (MA) in Cologne, Münster, and Aberdeen/Scotland. For six months he held a scholarship at the interdisciplinary collaborative research centre “Cultures of Decision-Making”. He is visiting lecturer at University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. In his dissertation at the Institute of Philosophy in Osnabrück he suggests an analysis of the conflict between legitimate authority and the autonomy of persons. In addition to research into this fundamental question of practical philosophy, he is especially interested in several fields of applied ethics, notably: Ethics of Childhood and Ethics of Sustainabilty. A major aim of his current research in the NeuroSys project is to philosophically investigate and establish the applicability of neuromorphic systems for sustainability goals.

Areas of Spezialisation and teaching competency

  • Fundamentals of Practical Philosophy: Autonomy and legitimate Authority
  • Applied Ethics: Climate Ethics, Ethics of Social Work, Ethics of Childhood and of early Childhood Education, Ethics of Sustainability, Ethics of Technology and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Political and Social Philosophy: Democracy, political Authority and Civil Disobedience, Recognition



Current Projects