Job vacancy: Research Assistant/Associate Postdoc or Doctoral Candidate in AI Ethics/Ethics of Technology (future of work, sustainability, respoinsibility)

Ethics in a time of COVID

Our team is active discussing the ethical and social implications of the pandemic. PD Dr. Jan-Christoph Heilinger is serving as co-lead of the ethics working group within the Kompetenznetz Public Health COVID-19. This Research Network is an ad hoc consortium of more than 25 scientific societies and organisations active in the field of public health, representing thousand scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Results of this work – including policy briefs on ethical issues on pandemic decision making under conditions of uncertainty, vaccine distribution, the global dimensions of a coordinated response to the pandemic and other aspects of the current global health emergency - can be found here.

Cluster4Future - NeuroSys

Great news: We will join the Cluster4Future „NeuroSys“ funded by the German Ministry of Research and Education as an innovation cluster on Neuromorphic Hardware for Artificial Intelligence. Read more: Cluster4Future.


We are happy to start the project „KIPeriOP" funded by the German Ministry of Health. With a consortium of clinical and technical partners, we will help develop means to improve the perisurgery risk management, amongst others with clinical decision support systems. Read more: KIPeriOP.