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Weekly Question: “How should states respond to the possibe threat to privacy raised by systems such as ChatGPT” – Read: Ars Technica

ChatGPT is the most technologically sophisticated, interactive, and ethically problematic conversational agent to date. It seemingly can do everything with words as we do, but also still fails some of the most simple tasks. From an ethical perspective, we thus have to ask several questions, some of which are these: can chatGPT ever be safe to use if it does not have (and cannot have) an understanding of the world? Will people misuse it to generate fake news and other problematic content? How can we even measure a "good" chatbot if its precisely intended to talk about everything?

On this page can be found a selection of links to thought-provoking, philosophically significant, and ethically engaging items. These items serve as intriguing introductions to the discussion of the ethical ramifications of emerging technologies, a discussion of the impact of which will shape the world that we and our descendants will live in. Given this import, it is never too late or early to find your voice and join the discussion!

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The Conversation (how can we make sure that algorithms are fair?)

Philosophers on GPT-3 (philosophical implications of the GPT-3 language model)

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